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Looking for the best real estate brokerage in Brookline Massachusetts?  Deciding what real estate brokerage to use can be a difficult task.  Driving down any street in Brookline or Boston, you are likely to see a real estate brokerages on every block.  So what separates the best from the rest?  When interviewing real estate professionals, I think the most important attribute is personality and experience.

In a field with a 90% turnover rate in the first two years, most real estate agents will not make it out of the gates!  In a job profession that is 100% commision based, most agents will not cut deals and be out of the business within months. Even less will move on and become a real estate broker (takes a minimum of 3 years in MA and a lengthy test).  Thus it is important to ask an agent how long they have been in the business, how many transactions they have done in Brookline? Have the transactions been in your type of real estate? (Condo, single family, multi-family).  Buying a condo and buying a multi-family house require different steps and some agents may not be familiar with the transaction.

Broker Vs. Agent

Last but not least is personality.  It’s important that the personalities meld well.  Real estate is often a personal matter, so it’s important that your agent meets your communication needs, whether that’s keeping you up to date with a daily phone call or a weekly email updating you on the process.   An initial face to face meeting should be set up to determine expectations.   How can I help you with the next purchase of your home in Brookline?

Curious about the current market conditions in Boston and Brookline real estate?  Check out the link below.


Is it becoming a buyers market?

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