Nearly 8 years ago I started my Career in Real Estate.

What was I thinking? With savings to last me only a couple more months of rent and a measly Subway diet, leaving a stable income was risky business. It was the Spring of 2011 and I decided to quit my cubicle job in the biotech capital of the world, Cambridge, Massachusetts. To say this jobContinue reading “Nearly 8 years ago I started my Career in Real Estate.”

Spring Market is here!

With March right around the corner, it’s official, the spring real estate market has arrived! While the snow and cold winds don’t make it feel like spring, the sales market is certainly heating up! Take a short walk around Brookline or Jamaica Plain and you will start to see the “Coming Soon” real estate yardContinue reading “Spring Market is here!”

Brookline Real Estate

Best Brookline Real Estate Brokerage. Looking for the best real estate brokerage in Brookline Massachusetts?  Deciding what real estate brokerage to use can be a difficult task.  Driving down any street in Brookline or Boston, you are likely to see a real estate brokerages on every block.  So what separates the best from the rest? Continue reading “Brookline Real Estate”