“If you want 200% from your broker, you need Marcus on your team.  Real Estate conveyances are complex and probably the largest transactions of your life.  You need a dedicated professional, putting YOUR interests first, eyes on the ball, managing every detail, start to finish.

I have been doing business with Marcus for almost a decade.  When I started working with Marcus, I fired the rest of my brokers, including one of my best friends since childhood.  Marcus works every listing like an athlete preparing for the Olympics. His rugged Midwestern Outdoorsman upbringing, instilled a work ethic, loyalty, integrity and adventurism that are rare anywhere.  His marketing is hard-hitting and innovative. He knows how and when to close a deal with authority.

This is why I always hire Marcus to represent my interests.  I have been a real estate broker and builder for 42 years and was one of Boston’s largest real estate owners, before retirement.  I am simply not willing to work that hard and have never met another broker who is. Marcus is the Broker’s Broker of choice.

Be nice to Marcus and he just might accept you as his client.  You can count on the most attentive and aggressive representation with mid-western down to earth ethics and refined business etiquette.  Don’t worry, Marcus will find your dream home, sell your existing home, or mine the market for a money machine.”

-Rodney Farnsworth III

“Marcus is an energetic, enthusiastic, and driven broker who maintains a keen understanding of the Boston area market, the unique advantages and disadvantages of every property, and the motivations of both buyers and sellers.  He has assisted our group for nearly a decade in both residential and commercial property transactions.  Given his sophistication in the nuances of Boston real estate, this is the guy you want to explore and close the most advantageous deals on your behalf.”

-Jefferey G

“I have been working with Marcus for years in various real estate transactions.    He is knowledgeable, patient, driven, and reliable.   Being in the Boston area I would not hesitate to work with Marcus for any of my real estate needs.”
-Ellen E

“Late in the apartment-hunting game, my girlfriend was getting a bit discouraged with the process and was halfheartedly responding to ads.  So many back and forth emails with flaky realtors about apartments that turn out not to exist.  It was a nice surprise for her to quickly hear back from Marcus, who quickly set up a viewing.  Still, with our enthusiasm for the whole endeavor at a low ebb, our expectations were not high. Obviously, we’re now living there. But it wasn’t all as easy as that.  Since our prospective landlord equated ‘freelance engineer’ with ‘deadbeat’, Marcus really had to go to bat for us and convince him that my hobo days were over. “

-Rob C

“We contacted Marcus on a friend’s recommendation, as we were coming down to the wire in our apartment hunt. He was GREAT. He was incredibly knowledgeable, fast to respond, and honest about the pros and cons of the apartments we looked at. All of these were qualities that we’d had trouble finding in other realtors we’d tried. He was really good about showing us a range of different types of places in different locations so we could find out what we really wanted, and he was phenomenal about negotiating with brokers and landlords so we didn’t have to worry about it. 100% recommended.”

-Wyn Brown

“Our family was in a bind with a last-minute out of state move and needed a great school district with many other particulars that are a challenge to find (Boston-centric access and suburban, family setting). Marcus quickly got us into an ideal home in exactly the neighborhood we wanted that exceeds everything we were looking for – great school, pet-friendly spaces, charming neighbors, hip setting, etc. He was also attentive to get us a great personality match and a fair agreement with our landlord. He was responsive during and after the leasing process, and we are happy to call him a neighbor now. Definitely, recommend!”

-Wade Mallit

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